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How to subplot an rfplot when using the RF Budget Analyzer
Hello, rfplot now accepts axes handle as target. help rfbudget/rfplot elements_10ghz(1) = rfelement( 'Name','component_00', '...

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s-paramter and impulse response
Hello, Use RF Toolbox to do a rational fit and then use impluse function. See documentation and examples: Impulse response for...

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Add multiple vias or feeds in a pcb antenna
Hello, The visualization seems to fail because the ViaDiameter is empty. rect1 = antenna.Rectangle("Center",[0 0],"Length",75e...

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Smith Chart MATLAB Code on Mathworks website - Explanation
Hello, Please use smithplot for plotting data on Smith Chart. For the posted question, the data can be plotted using: freq = ...

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do smithplot on uifigure
Please use the below script (2020ad onwards) a = uifigure; g = uigridlayout(a); g.RowHeight = {'1x'}; %% Sa = sparameters(...

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Plotting reflection coefficient as func. of frequency
Hello Yuval, MATLAB currently does not have a compressed smith chart to plot data for r < 0. If your r is positive (r>=0) the...

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How can I plot admittance on the smith chart?
Hello Tanveer, MATLAB 2017a currently does not have in-built functionality to plot power contours on the smith chart directly...

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