Design and simulate RF systems

RF Blockset™ (formerly SimRF™) provides a Simulink® component library and simulation engine for designing RF systems. It includes amplifiers, mixers, S-parameter blocks, and other blocks for designing architectures for wireless transmitters and receivers in communications and radar systems. You can rapidly simulate the system-level behavior of the RF front end together with standard signals, digital signal processing algorithms, and control logic.

RF Blockset lets you simulate RF amplifiers to estimate gain, noise, even-order, and odd-order intermodulation distortion. You can simulate mixers to predict image rejection, reciprocal mixing, local oscillator phase offsets, and DC conversion. You can also simulate frequency-dependent impedance mismatches between linear and nonlinear components in the time and frequency domains. The RF Budget Analyzer app lets you generate transceiver models and measurement test benches to validate performance and automatically set up a multicarrier simulation.

With RF Blockset you can model RF systems at different levels of abstraction. The circuit envelope solver enables high-fidelity, multicarrier simulation of networks with arbitrary topologies. The Equivalent Baseband library enables fast, discrete-time simulation of single-carrier cascaded systems.

Four Steps to Building Smarter RF Systems with MATLAB


Wireless System Simulation

Model and rapidly simulate RF front ends for wireless applications such as radar or communication systems.

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RF Budget and Top-Down Design

Build RF receivers and transmitters by connecting blocks, or generate an RF Blockset model using the RF Budget Analyzer app.

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RF Simulation Technology

Take advantage of the two modelling libraries for describing RF systems at different abstraction levels.

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RF Component Modeling

Use models of amplifiers, mixers, impedances, transmission lines, filters, and other RF components.

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RF Blockset requires: MATLAB, Simulink, RF Toolbox

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