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Set Up a MATLAB Coder Project

  1. To open the app, on the MATLAB® Toolstrip Apps tab, under Code Generation, click the MATLAB Coder™ app icon.

  2. Create a project or open an existing project. See Create a Project and Open an Existing Project.

  3. If the app detects code generation readiness issues in your entry-point functions, address these issues.

  4. Define the properties of the entry-point function input types. See Specify Properties of Entry-Point Function Inputs Using the App.

  5. Check for run-time issues. Provide code or a test file that the app can use to test your code. The app generates a MEX function. It runs your test code or test file, replacing calls to your MATLAB function with calls to the MEX function. This step is optional. However, it is a best practice to perform this step. You can detect and fix run-time errors that are harder to diagnose in the generated C code.

  6. Configure the build settings. Select the build type, language, and production hardware. Optionally, modify other build settings. See Configure Build Settings.

    You can now generate code.

Create a Project

On the Select Source Files page, specify the MATLAB files from which you want to generate code. An entry-point function is a function that you call from MATLAB. Do not add files that have spaces in their names.

The app creates a project that has the name of the first entry-point function.

Open an Existing Project

  1. On the app toolbar, click and select Open existing project.

  2. Type or select the project.

The app closes other open projects.

The MATLAB Coder app is not supported in MATLAB Online™.

If the project is a Fixed-Point Converter project, and you have a Fixed-Point Designer™ license, the project opens in the Fixed-Point Converter app.