Choosing a PID Controller Design Tool

Control System Toolbox™ software provides several tools for designing PID controllers for plants represented by LTI models.

The following table summarizes these tools and when to use them. For information about tuning PID controllers in Simulink® models, see Model-Based PID Controller Tuning (Simulink Control Design).

ToolWhen to use

PID Tuner

  • Automatic, interactive tuning of SISO PID controller in the feed-forward path of single-loop, unity-feedback control configuration.

  • Automatic, interactive tuning of 2-DOF PID controller in the loop configuration of this illustration:

  • Interactive fitting of a plant model from measured SISO response data and automatic tuning of PID controller for the resulting model (requires System Identification Toolbox™ software).

Control System DesignerTuning PID controllers in any other loop configuration.

Command-line PID tuning

Programmatic tuning of SISO PID controllers.