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Apply leaky rectified linear unit activation


The leaky rectified linear unit (ReLU) activation operation performs a nonlinear threshold operation, where any input value less than zero is multiplied by a fixed scale factor.

This operation is equivalent to



This function applies the leaky ReLU operation to dlarray data. If you want to apply leaky ReLU activation within a layerGraph object or Layer array, use the following layer:


Y = leakyrelu(X) computes the leaky ReLU activation of the input X by applying a threshold operation. All values in X less than zero are multiplied by a default scale factor of 0.01.

Y = leakyrelu(X,scaleFactor) specifies the scale factor for the leaky ReLU operation.


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Use the leakyrelu function to scale negative values in the input data.

Create the input data as a single observation of random values with a height and width of 12 and 32 channels.

height = 12;
width = 12;
channels = 32;
observations = 1;

X = randn(height,width,channels,observations);
X = dlarray(X,'SSCB');

Compute the leaky ReLU activation using a scale factor of 0.05 for the negative values in the input.

Y = leakyrelu(X,0.05);

Input Arguments

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Input data, specified as a formatted dlarray or an unformatted dlarray.

Data Types: single | double

Scale factor for negative inputs, specified as a numeric scalar. The default value is 0.01.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Leaky ReLU activations, returned as a dlarray. The output Y has the same underlying data type as the input X.

If the input data X is a formatted dlarray, Y has the same dimension format as X. If the input data is not a formatted dlarray, Y is an unformatted dlarray with the same dimension order as the input data.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2019b