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Bandwidth in number of octaves



N = getOctaveBandwidth(npFilter) returns the bandwidth of the notch peak filter, measured in number of octaves.


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Create a dsp.NotchPeakFilter object in the default configuration.

np = dsp.NotchPeakFilter
np = 
  dsp.NotchPeakFilter with properties:

      Specification: 'Bandwidth and center frequency'
          Bandwidth: 2205
    CenterFrequency: 11025
         SampleRate: 44100

Determine the octave bandwidth of the filter using the getOctaveBandwidth function.

ans = 0.2881

Visualize the filter response using fvtool.


{"String":"Figure Figure 1: Magnitude Response (dB) contains an axes object. The axes object with title Magnitude Response (dB) contains an object of type line.","Tex":"Magnitude Response (dB)","LaTex":[]}

Input Arguments

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Notch peak filter whose bandwidth is measured in octaves, specified as a dsp.NotchPeakFilter object.

Output Arguments

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Bandwidth of the filter measured in number of octaves, returned as a scalar.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2014a