Altimeter simulation model


The altimeterSensor System object™ models receiving data from an altimeter sensor.

To model an altimeter:

  1. Create the altimeterSensor object and set its properties.

  2. Call the object with arguments, as if it were a function.

To learn more about how System objects work, see What Are System Objects? (MATLAB).



altimeter = altimeterSensor returns an altimeterSensorSystem object that simulates altimeter readings.

altimeter = altimeterSensor('ReferenceFrame',RF) returns an altimeterSensor System object that simulates altimeter readings relative to the reference frame RF. Specify RF as 'NED' (North-East-Down) or 'ENU' (East-North-Up). The default value is 'NED'.

altimeter = altimeterSensor(___,Name,Value) sets each property Name to the specified Value. Unspecified properties have default values.


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Unless otherwise indicated, properties are nontunable, which means you cannot change their values after calling the object. Objects lock when you call them, and the release function unlocks them.

If a property is tunable, you can change its value at any time.

For more information on changing property values, see System Design in MATLAB Using System Objects (MATLAB).

Update rate of sensor in Hz, specified as a positive scalar.

Data Types: single | double

Constant offset bias in meters, specified as a scalar.

Tunable: Yes

Data Types: single | double

Power spectral density of sensor noise in m/√Hz, specified as a nonnegative scalar.

Tunable: Yes

Data Types: single | double

Instability of the bias offset in meters, specified as a nonnegative scalar.

Tunable: Yes

Data Types: single | double

Bias instability noise decay factor, specified as a scalar in the range [0,1]. A decay factor of 0 models the bias instability noise as a white noise process. A decay factor of 1 models the bias instability noise as a random walk process.

Tunable: Yes

Data Types: single | double

Random number source, specified as a character vector or string:

  • 'Global stream' –– Random numbers are generated using the current global random number stream.

  • 'mt19937ar with seed' –– Random numbers are generated using the mt19937ar algorithm with the seed specified by the Seed property.

Data Types: char | string

Initial seed of an mt19937ar random number generator algorithm, specified as a nonnegative integer scalar.


To enable this property, set RandomStream to 'mt19937ar with seed'.

Data Types: single | double




altimeterReadings = altimeter(position) generates an altimeter sensor altitude reading from the position input.

Input Arguments

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Position of sensor in the local navigation coordinate system, specified as an N-by-3 matrix with elements measured in meters. N is the number of samples in the current frame.

Data Types: single | double

Output Arguments

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Altitude of sensor relative to the local navigation coordinate system in meters, returned as an N-element column vector. N is the number of samples in the current frame.

Data Types: single | double

Object Functions

To use an object function, specify the System object as the first input argument. For example, to release system resources of a System object named obj, use this syntax:


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stepRun System object algorithm
releaseRelease resources and allow changes to System object property values and input characteristics
resetReset internal states of System object


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Create an altimeterSensor System object™ to model receiving altimeter sensor data. Assume a typical one Hz sample rate and a 10 minute simulation time. Set ConstantBias to 0.01, NoiseDensity to 0.05, BiasInstability to 0.05, and DecayFactor to 0.5.

Fs = 1;
duration = 60*10;
numSamples = duration*Fs;

altimeter = altimeterSensor('UpdateRate',Fs, ...
                            'ConstantBias',0.01, ...
                            'NoiseDensity',0.05, ...
                            'BiasInstability',0.05, ...

truePosition = zeros(numSamples,3);

Call altimeter with the specified truePosition to model noisy altimeter readings from a stationary platform.

altimeterReadings = altimeter(truePosition);

Plot the true position and the altimeter sensor readings for height.

t = (0:(numSamples-1))/Fs;

hold on
hold off
title('Altimeter Readings')
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Height (m)')
legend('Altimeter Readings','Ground Truth')

Extended Capabilities

Introduced in R2019a