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Particle Swarm

Particle swarm solver for derivative-free unconstrained optimization or optimization with bounds

Particle swarm solves bound-constrained problems with an objective function that can be nonsmooth. Try this if patternsearch does not work satisfactorily.


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particleswarmParticle swarm optimization
optimoptionsCreate optimization options
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Live Editor Tasks

OptimizeOptimize or solve equations in the Live Editor


Problem-Based Particle Swarm

Optimize Function Using particleswarm, Problem-Based

Basic example minimizing a function in the problem-based approach.

Optimize Using Particle Swarm

Optimize Using Particle Swarm

Basic example showing how to use the particleswarm solver.

Tune Particle Swarm Optimization Process

Shows the effects of some options on the particleswarm solution process.

Particle Swarm Output Function

This example shows how to use an output function for particleswarm.

When to Use a Hybrid Function

Describes cases where hybrid functions are likely to provide greater accuracy or speed.

Particle Swarm Background

What Is Particle Swarm Optimization?

High-level introduction to the particle swarm algorithm.

Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Details of the particle swarm algorithm.

Particle Swarm Options

Explore the options for particle swarm.