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Show supported target hardware and device details



hdlcoder.supportedDevices shows a link to a report that contains the device and device property names for target devices supported by your synthesis tool.

You can use the supported target device information to set SynthesisToolChipFamily, SynthesisToolDeviceName, SynthesisToolPackageName, and SynthesisToolSpeedValue for your model.

To see the report link, you must have a synthesis tool set up. If you have more than one synthesis tool available, you see a different report link for each synthesis tool.


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In this example, you set the target device for a model, sfir_fixed. Two synthesis tools are available, Altera® Quartus II and Xilinx® ISE. The target device is a Xilinx Virtex-6 XC6VLX130T FPGA.

Show the supported target device reports.

Altera QUARTUS II Device List
Xilinx ISE Device List

Click the Xilinx ISE Device List link to open the supported target device report and view details for your target device.

Open the model, sfir_fixed.


Set the SynthesisToolChipFamily, SynthesisToolDeviceName, SynthesisToolPackageName, and SynthesisToolSpeedValue model parameters based on details from the supported target device report.


View the nondefault parameters for your model, including target device information.

HDL CodeGen Parameters (non-default)

SynthesisTool                      : 'Xilinx ISE'
SynthesisToolChipFamily            : 'Virtex6'
SynthesisToolDeviceName            : 'xc6vlx130t'
SynthesisToolPackageName           : 'ff484'
SynthesisToolSpeedValue            : -1

Version History

Introduced in R2014a