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Display label or attribute information stored in label definition creator for lidar workflow

Since R2020b


    info(ldc,name) displays information about the specified label or attribute name stored in the labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object ldc.


    infoStruct = info(ldc,name) returns the information as a structure.


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    Create an empty labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object.

    ldc = labelDefinitionCreatorLidar;

    Add a Cuboid label, Vehicle, with Group and Description information to the label definition creator object.

    addLabel(ldc,'Vehicle','Cuboid','Group','Transport','Description','Use this label for cars and buses')

    Create a structure array containing the label information.

    infoStruct = info(ldc,'Vehicle')
    infoStruct = struct with fields:
               Name: "Vehicle"
               Type: {[Cuboid]}
         LabelColor: {''}
              Group: ["Transport"]
         Attributes: []
        Description: 'Use this label for cars and buses'

    Input Arguments

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    Label definition creator for the lidar workflow, specified as a labelDefinitionCreatorLidar object.

    Name of the label or attribute in the ldc object, specified as a character vector or string scalar. The form of the argument depends on the type of name specified.

    • To specify a label, use the form 'labelName'. For example, 'TrafficLight' specifies the label with the label name TrafficLight.

    • To specify an attribute, use the form 'labelName/attributeName'. For example, 'TrafficLight/Active' specifies the Active attribute of the label with the label name TrafficLight.

    Output Arguments

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    Information structure, returned as a structure that contains the fields Name, SignalType (for labels), LabelType (for labels), Type (for attributes), Description, Attributes (when pertinent), DefaultValue (for attributes), and ListItems (for List attributes).

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020b