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Choose or identify UTM zone by clicking map


Command Line




zone = utmzoneui opens an graphical user interface for choosing a UTM zone on a world display map. You select a zone by clicking an area for its appropriate zone, or entering a valid zone to identify the zone on the map.

zone = utmzoneui(InitZone) initialize the map displayed to the zone character vector specified in InitZone.

To interactively pick a UTM zone, activate the interface, and then click any rectangular zone on the world map to display its UTM zone. The selected zone is highlighted in red and its designation is displayed in the Zone edit field. Alternatively, type a valid UTM designation in the Zone edit field to select and see the location of a zone. Valid zone designations consist of an integer from 1 to 60 followed by a letter from C to X.

Typing only the numeric portion of a zone designation will highlight a column of cells. Clicking Accept returns a that UTM column designation. You cannot return a letter (row designation) in such a manner, however.


UI for choosing or identifying UTM zone


The syntax of utmzoneui is similar to that of utmzone. If utmzone is called with no arguments, the utmzoneui interface is displayed for you to select a zone. Note that utmzone can return latitude-longitude coordinates of a specified zone, but that utmzoneui only returns zone names.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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