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Work with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Using .NET

This example for Microsoft® .NET Framework creates a spreadsheet, copies some MATLAB® data to it, and closes it. The example uses classes from the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass class. For information about the class and using the interface with different versions of Excel®, refer to documentation on the Microsoft website.

To create a workbook, type:

app = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ApplicationClass;
books = app.Workbooks;
newWB = Add(books);
app.Visible = true;

Create a sheet:

sheets = newWB.Worksheets;
newSheet = Item(sheets,1);

newSheet is a System.__ComObject because sheets.Item can return different types, such as a Chart or a Worksheet. To make the sheet a Worksheet, use the command:

newWS = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet(newSheet);

Create MATLAB data and write columns 1 and 2 to a range of cells.

excelArray = rand(10);
newRange = Range(newWS,'A1');
newRange.Value2 = 'Data from Location A';
newRange = Range(newWS,'A3:B12');
newRange.Value2 = excelArray;

Add three text strings to column C.

% Create a 3x1 System.Object
strArray = NET.createArray('System.Object',3,1);
strArray(1,1) = 'Add';
strArray(2,1) = 'text';
strArray(3,1) = 'to column C';
newRange = Range(newWS,'C3:C5');
newRange.Value2 = strArray;

Modify cell format and name the worksheet:

newFont =  newRange.Font;
newFont.Bold = 1;
newWS.Name = 'Test Data';

If this is a new spreadsheet, use the SaveAs method:


Close and quit:


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