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Realize circuit containing electrical-length-based transmission lines using microstrip transmission lines

Since R2021b



    outObj = realize(inObj,implObj) realizes a circuit containing the electrical-length-based transmission lines inObj using a microstrip transmission line implObj.


    To realize a circuit containing electrical-length based transmission lines, you must have an RF PCB Toolbox™ license.


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    Realize a circuit containing electrical-length based transmission lines into a microstrip transmission line on an FR4 board with copper cladding.

    inObj = txlineElectricalLength;
    implObj = txlineMicrostrip('Height',0.0015748,'EpsilonR',4.6,...
    outObj = realize(inObj,implObj)
    outObj = 
      txlineMicrostrip: Microstrip element
               Name: 'txlMs_of_ElectricalLength'
              Width: 0.0029
             Height: 0.0016
          Thickness: 3.5560e-05
           EpsilonR: 4.6000
        LossTangent: 0.0260
          SigmaCond: 59600000
         LineLength: 0.0202
        Termination: 'NotApplicable'
           StubMode: 'NotAStub'
           NumPorts: 2
          Terminals: {'p1+'  'p2+'  'p1-'  'p2-'}

    Input Arguments

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    Input object, specified as a txlineElectricalLength object or a circuit object with at least one txlineElectricalLength object in its element.

    Implementation object, specified as a txlineMicrostrip object.

    Output Arguments

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    Output object, returned as a txlineMicrostrip object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021b