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Variant Event-Based Components

Simulate initialize, reset and terminate events, and Simulink functions conditionally

You can activate or deactivate the execution of subsystems on a model initialize, reset, and terminate events depending on the Types of Variant Control Modes in Variant Blocks you select. You can also execute the Simulink® functions conditionally.

The code that you generate for the event-based variant blocks can contain all the variant choices of a system. You can switch between the choices prior to code compile.


Initialize FunctionExecute subsystem on model initialize event
Reset FunctionExecute subsystem on model reset event
Terminate FunctionExecute subsystem on model terminate event
Simulink FunctionGraphically define a function with Simulink blocks


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Simulink.VariantControlCreate a variant control variable object
Simulink.VariantSpecify conditions that control variant selection
Simulink.ParameterStore, share, and configure parameter values