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Loop-Shaping Design

Tune feedback loops for specified bandwidth and stability margins

At the command line, use looptune to tune SISO or MIMO feedback loops using a loop-shaping approach. looptune tunes a feedback loop to specified bandwidth and stability margins. In Control System Tuner, use Quick Loop Tuning for loop shaping of feedback loops.


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slTunerInterface for control system tuning of Simulink models
slTunerOptionsSet slTuner interface options
looptuneTune MIMO feedback loops in Simulink using slTuner interface
looptuneOptionsSet options for looptune
loopviewGraphically analyze results of control system tuning using slTuner interface
looptuneSetupConstruct tuning setup for looptune to tuning setup for systune using slTuner interface
viewGoalView tuning goals; validate design against tuning goals
evalGoalEvaluate tuning goals for tuned control system


Loop-Shaping Basics

Loop-Shaping in Control System Tuner

Case Studies