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Simulink Real-Time TET Monitor

Monitor task execution time for the real-time application running on target computer

Since R2020b


Simulink® Real-Time™ Task Execution Time (TET) Monitor lets you view the task execution time for the real-time application running on target computer.

You can open the TET monitor at any time. Depending on the current state of connected target computers, the monitor displays TET data for each real-time application task. Changes to the target computer state are updated in the TET monitor.

Image of SLRT TET Monitor app

Open the Simulink Real-Time TET Monitor App

From the Simulink Editor, in the Real-Time tab, select TET Monitor. Or, from the MATLAB® Command Window, type:



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In the Data Logging with Simulation Data Inspector (SDI) example, use these additional steps to display the TET monitor.

  1. Open the slrt_ex_osc model.

  2. Build the real-time application, load it on the target computer, and start the application. In Simulink Editor Real-Time tab, click Run on Target.

  3. Open the TET monitor. In the Real-Time tab, click TET Monitor. Or, in the Command Window, enter:

  4. When you run the real-time application, the TET monitor displays status.

    Image of slrt explorer tet monitor tab

Programmatic Use

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slrtTETMonitor opens the Simulink Real-Time TET Monitor.

Version History

Introduced in R2020b

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