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Simulink Components

Call Simulink® function-call subsystems directly to streamline design

By using Simulink functions, you can call Simulink subsystems in the state and transition actions of a Stateflow® chart to create more efficient, readable models.


Reusable Functions in Charts

Specify function calls in states and transitions.

Reuse Simulink Components in Stateflow Charts

Create and execute Simulink functions in Stateflow.

Define a Simulink Function in a Stateflow Chart

Build Simulink components in Stateflow charts.

Bind a Simulink Function to a State

Specify the behavior of subsystem variables between function executions.

Share Functions Across Simulink and Stateflow

Call functions defined in a Simulink model from a Stateflow chart.

Improve Chart Design by Using Simulink Functions

Replace a function-call subsystem with a Simulink function in a Stateflow chart.

Schedule Execution of Multiple Controllers

Use Simulink functions to improve the design of a Stateflow chart.

Reuse Functions by Using Atomic Boxes

Encapsulate reusable functions in a separate namespace.

Featured Examples