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Model-to-Model Allocations

Establish traceable and directed relationships between architectural elements in source and target models

System Composer™ allocations allow you to establish a directed relationship from architectural elements in one model — such as components, ports, and connectors — to architectural elements in another model.

You can use allocations to establish relationships from software components to hardware components and to indicate deployment strategies. You can allocate different instances of components, ports, and connectors and use allocations to perform various analyses, for example, resource-based allocation analysis. Use stereotypes on allocations to extend the modeling language and capture metadata on the relationship between model elements to map from one environment to another.


systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationAllocation between source element and target element (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationScenarioAllocation scenario (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationSetSet of allocation scenarios (Since R2020b)


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systemcomposer.allocation.createAllocationSetCreate new allocation set (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.loadLoad allocation set (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.openOpen allocation set in Allocation Editor (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.editorOpen allocation editor (Since R2020b)
closeClose allocation set (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationSet.closeAllClose all open allocation sets (Since R2020b)
systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationSet.findFind loaded allocation set (Since R2020b)
saveSave allocation set as file (Since R2020b)
rebindSourceModelChange source model (Since R2024a)
rebindTargetModelChange target model (Since R2024a)
synchronizeChangesSynchronize changes of models in allocation set (Since R2020b)
createScenarioCreate new empty allocation scenario (Since R2020b)
deleteScenarioDelete allocation scenario (Since R2020b)
getScenarioGet allocation scenario (Since R2020b)
allocateCreate new allocation (Since R2020b)
deallocateDelete allocation (Since R2020b)
getAllocationGet allocation between source and target elements (Since R2020b)
getAllocatedFromGet allocation source (Since R2020b)
getAllocatedToGet allocation target (Since R2020b)
destroyRemove model element


Allocation EditorCreate and manage model-to-model allocations (Since R2020b)