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Run Web App


To run a web app, you must also have MATLAB® Web App Server™ running. For more information, see Install or Uninstall MATLAB Web App Server Product and Set Up MATLAB Web App Server.

Using a web browser, you can access web apps running on the server by navigating to the web apps home page.

You can obtain the URL to the home page by executing webapps-status at the system command line or by getting the URL from a system administrator. The format of the home page URL is:


Here, webAppServer is your web app server hostname, and PortNumber is the port specified when configuring the server.

  1. To run a web app, click the web app tile on the home page.

  2. To see a list of all web apps with their status and diagnostic messages, click the Diagnostics link or Manage Apps link on the top-right corner of the home page. The choice of whether you see the Diagnostics link or the Manage Apps link depends on what role you have been assigned to while configuring role-based access.

    If you are designated with role of User, you see the Diagnostics link. If you are designated with the role of Author, you see the Manage Apps link. For more information, see Role-Based Access.

  3. To go back to the home page of your web apps, click MATLAB Web Apps on the breadcrumb trail at the top of the page.

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