How to make my GUIDE look more professional ?

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this is my GUIDE, I make it for my physics applets, but I look the interface not nice and professional. Could you help me to make my GUIDE look more professional.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Dec 2013
I don't understand the language. But maybe that's a good thing to help me evaluate it. It doesn't look bad but there are some things I would do if it were mine. First, I'd make the plot narrower so that the y axis title does not overlap the other controls. I would also not know where to start because there are so many things I can interact with. What I find makes it easy for my users, and my users really really like, is to label each thing with Step 1: do this, Step 2: do that, etc. For example, the groupbox/panel captions can say "Step 1: Enter parameters" and "Step 2: Choose graph type" and "Step 3 : Enter kJ prameters" and "Step 4 : Start". That way, the users can instantly know what they need to do. If you want, you could put up a little image (logo) in the blank space in the upper left corner. Also when the app comes up, you could have the plot show an image, like your company logo or product logo, instead of a blank plot. The fonts are all different sizes and weights - you might want to see if they need to be like that or is it just distracting and they could all be the same size font. Hope that helped.

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Amit on 29 Dec 2013
Edited: Amit on 29 Dec 2013
what do you mean its not professional? is it functioning? take a look at this -


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