Image stitching using a rigid transformation

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Hi, if you can provide me the matlab source code of images mosaic using a rigid transformation thank you very much
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor on 20 May 2014
This is still not what I need to help you. What I was asking for is two separate image files, with no mark-up. I want these two separate files so that I can attempt to register to them to one another.
While your image does explain the problem you are trying to solve, I can't use it to try available algorithms to see if they will work. Make sense?

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Answers (2)

Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor on 3 May 2014
Let's see some images, please. Also, let's see what you have tried to do so far...
remos remos
remos remos on 3 May 2014
I'm not very good at programming matlab I just need to make a comparison between these methods and I do not find that the model based on rigid

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 May 2014
How about using the montage() function? Or just stitch together:
tallImage = [image1; image2]; % Stitch vertically.
wideImage = [image1, image2]; % Stitch horizontally.
I still have no idea what you mean about rigid transformation.

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