Creating a AxBxCxD out of AxB matrix.. Using reshape, code included..little help needed

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I have 137241 data in 1 column. the data is voltage of 5 households (3-phase). I want a matrix out of it showing me: 10 x 24 x days x 15
my code is:
ncust = size(x,2);
% pad data with one extra row
x = [x;zeros(1,ncust)];
% reshape data into hour/day/customer
x = reshape(x,24,[],ncust);
i tried using: reshape(x,10,24,[],ncust) but didnt work.
and the data is attached :)
i hope a kind soul will help me :)
thanks alot
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 May 2014
Well not totally. I've seen Sean and Walter figure out what the poster was asking from total gobbledegook and sheer gibberish. It's my thinking that Sean has been assigned to the Mind Reading Toolbox development in the Mathworks Black Ops Skunkworks, and that perhaps Walter is a beta tester for it. Not totally out of the realm of possibility if you saw UC Berkeley Prof. Jack Gallant's plenary talk at the Electronic Imaging Symposium.

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Answers (2)

Mehdi on 3 May 2014
In x = [x;zeros(1,ncust)]; ncust should be an integer. ncust = size(x,2); doesn't generate an integer. Besides, I'm not sure if your code is the way to go. In reshape you have to determine what arrays of your 137241 x 1 matrix should be located in the output row and which ones should be located in the columns. Just my two cents.

Travis Damian Houle Crouser


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