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COM control of Internet Explorer Windows

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Mark on 18 Aug 2011
Answered: Image Analyst on 3 Apr 2014
I'm using the COM interface to control an internet explorer object that i've embedded into a matlab figure.
I can take total control of this object to Navigate around the web, click buttons, and inspect the DOM from various websites, parsing data into matlab. All is well.
However sometimes I want to access a webpage that generated by a javascript button which launches a new internet explorer window. Its not straight forward to get the weblink referenced from the button, I need to click on the button so that the webpage can run a whole load of javascript. So, I first find the ID to the button
Then click on the button
This launches a new internet explorer window, but I have no reference to it. Is there a way of finding the new ieobject reference so I can take control of the new window ? I suspect its some .NET wizardary, but it doesn't appear straight forward. Any help appreciated.


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