I have a binary image having pixels 288*543

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I have a binary image having pixels 288*543(rows and columns). To that i need to assign zeros for 1 row and 1 column surrounding the 288*543. How can i achieve this.can anyone suggest some code for this.
Thank you.

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Guillaume on 21 Oct 2014
If you have the image processing toolbox, use padarray, otherwise:
newm = zeros(size(m) + 2);
newm(2:end-1, 2:end-1) = m;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Oct 2014
Try this
binaryImage(:,1) = false; % Make first column false.
binaryImage(:,end) = false; % Make last column false.
binaryImage(1,:) = false; % Make first row false.
binaryImage(1,end) = false; % Make last row false.
If your binary image is not really binary (of logical class) but actually something else (like uint8 or double), then replace false with 0 (zero).
This actually makes the edge layer of pixels false. If what you mean by "surround" is that you need to enlarge the image, then use padarray(), which will add a layer of pixels all around the image and enlarge it.

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