Attempt to execute SCRIPT rot90 as a function:

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img = imread('cameraman.jpg');
img1 = imnoise(img,'salt & pepper', 0.02);
I got this error:
Attempt to execute SCRIPT rot90 as a function:
Error in filter2 (line 39)
stencil = rot90(b,2);
Error in filt (line 9)
Can anyone help me in this regard? Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Oct 2014
It looks like you wrote your own rot90 function and saved it as "D:\MATLAB\homework\rot90.m" but it looks like your filt.m program calls filter2() (a built in function) and that function calls rot90. I think it's getting confused as to which version of rot90 it should run. What does this say:
which -all rot90
Then rename your rot90.m to something different so that filter2 will call the built-in one from the Mathworks like it expects to.

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