How to select multiple edit fields?

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xiaojuezi on 25 Jan 2022
Commented: xiaojuezi on 26 Jan 2022
In my user interface, users can specify a dimension, for exam m x n, then I draw a m x n table, where each element is an edit field such that users can change values in any edit field.
% Horizontal margin of the canavas
hMargin = 0.02;
% Vertical margin of the canavas
vMargin = 0.02;
% Element width
elemWidth = min((1-2*hMargin) / n, (1-2*vMargin)/m);
% Create an edit field for each entry
for j = 1 : m
for i = 1 : n
pos = [hMargin+(j-1)*elemWidth 1-vMargin-i*elemWidth elemWidth elemWidth];
e = uicontrol('Style','edit',...
But sometimes, users might want to have a row with same values:
for example in the image, users will have to change the values on row 5 one by one from 0.5 to 1.
Is there a way to have something like a brush, that for the places with the same values, after modifying one edit field, the others can be simply "brushed" to have the same values? Or is there a way that users can jump between each edit field with the arrow keys (currently they always have to use a mouse to select)?
Thank you very much!
xiaojuezi on 26 Jan 2022
Hi! I have posted the sample code for creating the edit field entries.

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