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aurc89 on 11 Jan 2015
Commented: aurc89 on 12 Jan 2015
Hi guys, I have a simple question about how to save data. Let's suppose I have two vectors, x and y; I want to save them as a .txt file having two columns given by x and y. I want also to decide the name of the file (e.g. 'myfile.txt') and the directory of the folder where I save the file (e.g. 'C:\\User\Desktop\MyFolder\') in the code. Thank you!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Jan 2015
Edited: Image Analyst on 12 Jan 2015
Try this:
% Get the name of the file that the user wants to save.
startingFolder = userpath
defaultFileName = fullfile(startingFolder, '*.*');
[baseFileName, folder] = uiputfile(defaultFileName, 'Specify a file');
if baseFileName == 0
% User clicked the Cancel button.
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, baseFileName)
fid = fopen(fullFullFileName, 'wt');
if fid ~= -1
for row = 1 : length(x)
fprintf(fid, '%f, %f\n', x(k), y(k));

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