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Miguel Albuquerque
Miguel Albuquerque on 2 Jul 2022
Commented: Matt J on 2 Jul 2022
Hey guys, thanks in advance
I have this code, that gives me a vector, samples , that has 10 000 000 values( a lot). I wanted to divide this vector in 500 000 samples do all the processing code I have , and choose the next 500 000 samples, with a sliding window, till i finished all the samples.
So first iteration I wanted samples(1:500 000), 2nd iteration(501000: 1000000), etc...
But with a sliding window function, can I do that
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jul 2022
Ten million samples is not a lot, but anyway a simple intuitive way is
for k = 1 : 500000 : length(vec) % Should be 20 iterations if vec is 10 million long.
thisWindow = vec(k : k + 499999);
% Now do something with thisWindow.

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Matt J
Matt J on 2 Jul 2022
Edited: Matt J on 2 Jul 2022
This gives a matrix whose i-th window is matrix(:,i). How best to process that, though, depends on the specifics of the sliding window operation.
Matt J
Matt J on 2 Jul 2022
It can be faster. For example, if you are calculating the mean over each window,
mean( reshape(vector,5e5,[]) )
will be faster than looping.

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