Function listed in Data Acquisition Toolbox is not available after installing toolbox

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I need to open some TDMS files for post processing, and according to Matlab documentation, there are supposed to be a number of TDMS file readers and utilities with the 'Data Acquisition' toolbox.
I've installed the toolbox, but the functions are not found when I try to invoke them.
For instance, I am trying to use the function 'tdmsinfo' which is documented in the toolbox, but when I try 'help tdmsinfo' from my Command Window, Matlab tells me that 'tdmsinfo not found'.
I know it is supposed to be in the Data Acquisition toolbox, what gives?
Thanks for your help. I've searched the forums and did not find an answer.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Jul 2022
Could you verify that you are using MS Windows? And that after you install the toolbox it shows up in "ver"?

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 31 Jul 2022
According to the information at the end of the documentation page for the tdmsinfo function in Data Acquisition Toolbox, it was "Introduced in R2022a". The release tag on this question indicates you're using release R2020b. The release you're using is too old to have this function. You will need to upgrade to release R2022a or later (if you're reading this after release R2022b or a later release is available) in order to use that function.

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Wesley Ramm
Wesley Ramm on 1 Aug 2022
Thank you Steven! That sorted it!




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