How can I convert a file format FIG to PCD?

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I'm new to matlab. I did the following to edit point cloud data.
After editing, the data is saved as a FIG file, how can I convert it to a PCD file?

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 1 Aug 2022
There is a function called pcwrite. The MATLAB documentation has a good article on it.
Motoki Hatsuda
Motoki Hatsuda on 19 Aug 2022
OH, I see.
fig = openfig('NameOfFig.fig'); outnamebase = "pcout_"; pcviewers = findobj(fig, 'tag', 'pcviewer'); for K = 1 : length(pcviewers) x = pcviewers(K).XData; y = pcviewers(K).YData; z = pcviewers(K).ZData; C = pcviewers(K).CData; xyz = [x(:),y(:),z(:)]; if size(C,2) == 1 ptc = pointCloud(xyz, 'Intensity', C); else ptc = pointCloud(xyz, 'Color', C); end outname = outnamebase + K + ".pcd"; pcwrite(ptc, outname); end
↑ I would like to know more about what each line of this code does.

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