How to stop (an infinite loop) / the execution of my matlab code via app designer?

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Hey, i got an infinite while loop in my script and i want to get out of it using matlab app.designer, therefore i created a start button to run my script which is working perfectly fine and a stop button to stop it whenever the user wants to from the designer.
I couldnt figure how to programme the stop button. a solution can be the change of the value of the while loop(while true ==> while false) from the designer when clicking on the stop button. how can i do it?
i appreciate every help and thanks in advance!
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Matlab_Beginner el 30 de Ag. de 2022
Hey again, i didnt figure out what to put in the ButtonCallback fnct. i quit new to app designer, can u provide me with more info on how to do it.
thanks a lot.

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Ankit el 30 de Ag. de 2022
@Matlab_Beginner Please find solution to your problem, I have attached *.mlapp file too

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Rik el 30 de Ag. de 2022
You need to use the callback function from your stop button to edit a value. This is the general structure:
function StartButtonCallback(app)
while ~app.StopButtonClicked
% Do things
% Process any callbacks in the queue. This will also update the value
% of app.StopButtonClicked if the stop button callback has run.
function StopButtonCallback(app)
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