How to pass Function Call to s function builder block?

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Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale el 6 de Oct. de 2022
Comentada: MAHENDRAN A el 20 de Sept. de 2023
I am performing SIL testing using S function builder block and Simulink Test Manager. I am passing function call from Test Sequence block. How to add function call in s function builder block?
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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson el 10 de Oct. de 2022
An S-Function cannot receive a function pointer as an input if this is what you are asking. But if I am not understanding your question please provide an example of what you are trying to do.
Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale el 14 de Oct. de 2022
Yes. S-function do not have capability to take function call. Is there any other workaround we can do to pass function call to S-function builder.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom el 15 de Oct. de 2022
Editada: Mark McBroom el 15 de Oct. de 2022
You could place the S-Function Builder Block inside a function call subsystem, and then call the function-call subsystem from the Test Sequence Block.
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Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale el 18 de Oct. de 2022
As you said above is there any reference model available on mathworks site? If yes, could you please provide me the link for the same. Thank You @Mark McBroom.

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MAHENDRAN A el 12 de Sept. de 2023
Hey hi ankita. I'm Mahendran. I'm also working on MIL, SIL tests using different methods. As of now i'm doing SIL test harness using s function logic. I'm facing few issues. Can you explain me how to perform SIL testing using S function builder block and Simulink Test Manager of what you doing.
It'll be helpful to me.
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Ankita Pingale
Ankita Pingale el 15 de Sept. de 2023
We use Simulink Test Manager and S function builder block for SIL testing.
Inside the s function builder block we define below items:
1) Under data properties define input/ output
2) Under libraries give path of your model source code and header code file
3) In output define the function which grouped all inputs and outputs
4) Build the s function
5) After successful s function build, pass the test case to s function block using test sequence and test assesment block of Simulink Test manager
6) Using Test Manager execute the test case and you can see SIL results in terms of coverage.
Hope this helps@MAHENDRAN A!!

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