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How can I get rid of the yellow background?

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While editing a script I inadvertently clicked something that caused a yellow background for the script and also added comments for various sections. How can I get rid of that background? Thanks.


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Star Strider
Star Strider on 7 Mar 2015
That’s an Editor ‘section’ indication. Look for a pair of percent signs ‘%%’ together in the first and second columns where the yellow section starts. Delete one of the percent signs, and all will be back to normal.

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Kenny on 4 Aug 2018
Edited: Kenny on 4 Aug 2018
Just for asking something extra to this ..... can we disable this feature altogether? An option for turning it off?I'm using matlab 2018 right now. Thanks!!
[Update : found it ... preferences -> colors -> programming tools, where you can turn off higlights etc. One would expect that turning off the highlight feature would be under Editor options ...... but no, it's hidden in the color preferences.]

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Christian Poppeliers
Christian Poppeliers on 9 Oct 2018
The best solution!! Jeez, that highlighting was ANNOYING!!!

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