Displacements and velocity from acceleration integration (accelerometer data)

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Hi, i have a matrix with acceleration values. I would like to find velocity and displacements with integration. I wrote a code with Newmark method but i'm not sure about results. The accelerometers registered data from 0 to 600 sec, i have 200 m displacements in the end! I have DT=0.005 from each istant of time.
i think because it is a cumulative integration.
Is there another method/code to find displacements and velocity? Thank you very much

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 10 Oct 2022
Integration naturally has some error when integrating a sampled signal because the integration algorithm has to make assumptions about the values of the signal between sample points. You can reduce errors by reducing step size, using a higher order method like Runge Kutta 4, or having a variable step size when the dynamics are changing more rapidly.
loiacono.giuseppe97 on 10 Oct 2022
I don't know how to use simulink. I have only matrix accelerations.. i have not the model

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 10 Oct 2022

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