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How to get the equation of irradiance varying in time for a PV model under partial shading conditions?

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Hello everyon,
I'm working on a PV model under partial shading conditions so I choosed a PV model from the Matlap simulink that is similiar to my case and I have applied many diffrent values of irradiance at constant temprature (e.g. 1000 800 600 300 W/m2).
The PV model worked perfect and I have the plot as a result that showed me the IV and PV charactarstic curvs with maximimum values for power and voltage that is related to my enterd irradiance values (e.g. 1000 800 600 300 W/m2).
But I need a way to generate or optain an equation that shows the relation between the irradiance as aparameter and the power and voltage of the PVs.
Can I generate or get the above equation?
Thanks a lot for any help in advance.

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson el 21 de Oct. de 2022
Simulink has a 2D lookup table block with various options for interpolation, extrapolation, and fitting. With the two inputs being voltage and irradiance, you should be able to set up one block with data for the current lookup and one block with data for the power lookup. Or just define power as current times voltage and you only need the current lookup table.


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