Setting default Interpreter to Latex

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Fred el 16 de Mzo. de 2015
Comentada: Aryan Ritwajeet Jha el 24 de En. de 2022
In previous versions of MATLAB, the command
set(0,'defaulttextInterpreter','latex') %latex axis labels
set the interpreter for the text command, the xlabel command, and so on, to Latex. This does not work in 2015a. Is there an alternative way to set the default interpreter to Latex for all graphics objects. Thank you.

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Chibuzo Nnonyelu
Chibuzo Nnonyelu el 13 de Mayo de 2015
MATLAB changed some object properties name. For this issue, the following will work
set(groot, 'defaultAxesTickLabelInterpreter','latex'); set(groot, 'defaultLegendInterpreter','latex');
I think Legend didn't change. You can still replace the 'groot' with '0' as usual. To be able to set other default object properties, check out
get(groot, 'factory'); % this shows all the factory values for all object properties. get(groot, 'default'); % fetches only default values you have altered.
So you can use the "get(groot, 'factory');" to see all possible object property and change their default values by removing the "factory" prefix and replace with "default". Of course you use the set() function to change and get() function to fetch. Let me if this helped.
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Fred el 25 de Jul. de 2015
Yes, this seems to solve the problem. Thank you very much.
Vairavan AV
Vairavan AV el 6 de En. de 2017
Yes, I could fix the problem! Thank you very much!
But, do we need to use set(groot, 'factory'), to set it back when we don't need this?

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Max Bartholdt
Max Bartholdt el 7 de Oct. de 2021
clear all
% This script changes all interpreters from tex to latex.
list_factory = fieldnames(get(groot,'factory'));
index_interpreter = find(contains(list_factory,'Interpreter'));
for i = 1:length(index_interpreter)
default_name = strrep(list_factory{index_interpreter(i)},'factory','default');
set(groot, default_name,'latex');

Ganesh Gaonkar
Ganesh Gaonkar el 16 de Mzo. de 2015
I think the command should work even on R2015a. Looks like you have missed making 'text' as CamelCase. So ideally the command should be : set(0,'defaultTextInterpreter','latex');
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Ganesh Gaonkar
Ganesh Gaonkar el 16 de Mzo. de 2015
It seems to be working for me. What error you receive when you try to execute that command?
Fred el 16 de Mzo. de 2015
Here is some bare minimum code
close all
set(0,'defaultTextInterpreter','latex'); %trying to set the default
xlabel('$x$') %xlabel is $x$
figure; %try a new figure
xlabel('$x$','interpreter','latex') %now xlabel is x in math font

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Cael Warner
Cael Warner el 13 de Oct. de 2017
Also, to go back to the default formatting, replace 'latex' with 'none'

beginner94 el 16 de Oct. de 2018
It does not work for me either and I need to define an overlined variable (in R2007b).
Thanks for help
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beginner94 el 18 de Oct. de 2018
Exactly! Thank you!
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 3 de Feb. de 2021
These days see Live Editor

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