How to copy 30K images from folder to another according to the names in train and test text listes

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path = addpath(genpath('D:\DOCTORAT 2019\MATLAB Codes\datasets\NUS-WIDE-OBJECT\image list'));
DIR = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\imagesnus30k';%Source file
D_dir = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\Images30K';%Destination file (Sould be 31-subfolder=Nbre of classes)
class = {'bear','birds','boats','book','cars','cat','computer','coral','cow','dog','elk','fish','flags','flowers','fox','horses','leaf','plane','rocks','sand','sign','statue','sun','tiger','tower','toy','train','tree','vehicle','whales','zebra'}; %31 classes
tr = textread('Train.txt','%s');
ts = textread('Test.txt','%s');
imgs = vertcat(tr,ts);
for i =1:size(imgs,1)
% img = imread([ DIR,'\\',string(imgs(i,1))]);
imgname = (strcat(DIR, '\',string(imgs(i,1))));
img_files{i} = char(imgname);
fullFileName = fullfile(DIR, imgname);
% figure(1),imshow(img);
% imds = imageDatastore(img_files{i});
% img = readimage(imds,I);
% [img,info] = readimage(imds,2);

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 21 Nov 2022
With some guessing:
source = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\imagesnus30k';
dest = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\Images30K';
tr = textread('Train.txt', '%s');
ts = textread('Test.txt', '%s');
list = [tr; ts];
for k = 1:numel(list)
name = list{k};
copyfile(fullfile(source, name), fullfile(dest, name));

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 21 Nov 2022
Use copyfile to copy a file to a new location. You could probably use arrayfun to more quickly add the full file path to the file names output from the dir function. Or, you could probably pass a function to arrayfun that does the full file path creation and the copyfile all in one.


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