How to copy 30K images from folder to another according to the names in train and test text listes

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path = addpath(genpath('D:\DOCTORAT 2019\MATLAB Codes\datasets\NUS-WIDE-OBJECT\image list'));
DIR = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\imagesnus30k';%Source file
D_dir = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\Images30K';%Destination file (Sould be 31-subfolder=Nbre of classes)
class = {'bear','birds','boats','book','cars','cat','computer','coral','cow','dog','elk','fish','flags','flowers','fox','horses','leaf','plane','rocks','sand','sign','statue','sun','tiger','tower','toy','train','tree','vehicle','whales','zebra'}; %31 classes
tr = textread('Train.txt','%s');
ts = textread('Test.txt','%s');
imgs = vertcat(tr,ts);
for i =1:size(imgs,1)
% img = imread([ DIR,'\\',string(imgs(i,1))]);
imgname = (strcat(DIR, '\',string(imgs(i,1))));
img_files{i} = char(imgname);
fullFileName = fullfile(DIR, imgname);
% figure(1),imshow(img);
% imds = imageDatastore(img_files{i});
% img = readimage(imds,I);
% [img,info] = readimage(imds,2);
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riad didou
riad didou el 21 de Nov. de 2022
Sorry, i have corrected the question.
The code is juste to have a visual description of the subfolders (classes).
Jan el 21 de Nov. de 2022
Editada: Jan el 21 de Nov. de 2022
What is a "visual description" and a "class"?

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Jan el 21 de Nov. de 2022
With some guessing:
source = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\imagesnus30k';
dest = 'D:\Dataset\NUSWIDE-Obj\Images30K';
tr = textread('Train.txt', '%s');
ts = textread('Test.txt', '%s');
list = [tr; ts];
for k = 1:numel(list)
name = list{k};
copyfile(fullfile(source, name), fullfile(dest, name));
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Jan el 26 de Nov. de 2022
@riad didou: It would be much easier to post a working answer, if you provide a small set of input data. It is hard to guess, how the subfolder name has to be obtained, if you do not explain, what the inputs of your function is.
With some bold guessing:
for k = 1:numel(list)
name = list{k};
subfolder = fileparts(name);
src = fullfile(source, name);
destfolder = fullfile(dest, subfolder);
if ~isfolder(destfolder)
copyfile(src, fullfile(dest, name));
catch ME
if ~isfile(src)
error('File name not existing: %s', src)

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Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson el 21 de Nov. de 2022
Use copyfile to copy a file to a new location. You could probably use arrayfun to more quickly add the full file path to the file names output from the dir function. Or, you could probably pass a function to arrayfun that does the full file path creation and the copyfile all in one.
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riad didou
riad didou el 21 de Nov. de 2022
I dindn't understand; could you give me an example to illustrate how it works
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson el 21 de Nov. de 2022
You can type "doc copyfile" and "doc arrayfun" in MATLAB to bring up the documentation and examples of using both functions.

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