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why is my code not outputting to an excel file? Can someone fix this? I get Warning: Unable to write to Excel format, attempting to write file to CSV format.

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Hi when i load in my feature mat file it transposes them then exports to an excel file. I made an exccel file and ran the code. but the file is not exported. why? please fix this. Thanks.Here is the warning i get:
Warning: Unable to write to Excel format, attempting to write file to CSV format.
> In xlswrite (line 196)
% Load the feature mat file
% Initialize the output struct with empty arrays
outStruct = struct('avgSize', zeros(36,1), 'profileCounts', zeros(36,1), ...
'zoneArea', zeros(36,1), 'totalArea', zeros(36,1), ...
'AvgMinFeret', zeros(36,1), 'AvgFeret', zeros(36,1));
% Loop through each feature struct and concatenate the arrays for each field
for i = 1:3
for j = 1:12
% Concatenate the jth element of the current field from the current struct
outStruct.avgSize((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).avgSize(j);
outStruct.profileCounts((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).profileCounts(j);
outStruct.zoneArea((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).zoneArea(j);
outStruct.totalArea((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).totalArea(j);
outStruct.AvgMinFeret((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).AvgMinFeret(j);
outStruct.AvgFeret((i-1)*12 + j) = features(i).AvgFeret(j);
% Export the output struct to an Excel file
filename = 'outStruct.xlsx';
sheetname = 'Sheet1';
range = 'A1:F36';
fieldnames = {'avgSize', 'profileCounts', 'zoneArea', 'totalArea', 'AvgMinFeret', 'AvgFeret'};
% Write field names to the first row
xlswrite(filename, fieldnames, sheetname, 'A1:F1');
% Write data to the remaining rows
xlswrite(filename, [outStruct.avgSize, outStruct.profileCounts, outStruct.zoneArea, ...
outStruct.totalArea, outStruct.AvgMinFeret, outStruct.AvgFeret], ...
sheetname, range);
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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre el 5 de Mayo de 2023
Just a side note of the message you will see at the top of the xlswrite documentation page:
xlswrite is not recommended. Use writetable, writematrix, or writecell instead. For more information, see Compatibility Considerations.
Chanille el 5 de Mayo de 2023
@Image Analyst Sorry about that! I have read the provided link, thanks. Also attached the mat file.
@Torsten i get: Warning: Unable to write to Excel format, attempting to write file to CSV format.
> In xlswrite (line 196)
@Cris LaPierre okay, I hope its that easy of a fix but in my previous experience it was not but thanks for the suggestion.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang el 5 de Mayo de 2023
In terms of xlswrite(), your code is fine. I've tried it and it creates the file. You might want to change range='A2:F37'.
Try a simple example to see if your Excel app is able to write Excel file.
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Chanille el 8 de Mayo de 2023
This was in windows/dell. It did not work for me in Mac correct but on dell I got the above error when I tried to open the excel windows

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