How to remove rows in table?

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Adrian Kleffler
Adrian Kleffler el 8 de Mayo de 2023
Respondida: Peter Perkins el 5 de Jun. de 2023
Hello, I need to remove multiple rows in table... I have a table where the first column is imageFilename and there are paths to the images... i need to remove some rows by telling the program exact path... for example i have list of 60 paths which i want to remove from table... how to do this ? thanks for answers
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Jonas el 8 de Mayo de 2023
could you provide your LabelData.mat please

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 8 de Mayo de 2023
Try this (untested):
% Nahratie tabulky LabelData
% Zadanie ciest k obrazkom, ktoré chceš vymazať
pathsToDelete = {'E:\ADRIAN\BAKALARKA\DATASET\vsetko2\panasonic_fullhd_01-090-000-202109092000.jpg', 'E:\ADRIAN\BAKALARKA\DATASET\vsetko2\panasonic_fullhd_01-090-000-202109092200.jpg'};
% Vymazanie riadkov s danými cestami
numRows = height(LabelData)
rowsToDelete = false(numRows, 1);
for k = 1 : length(pathsToDelete)
thisPath = pathsToDelete{k};
% Check every row in the table for this path.
for k2 = 1 : numRows
if strcmpi(LabelData.imageFilename{k2}, thisPath)
rowsToDelete(k2) = true;
% Delete the rows we need to
LabelData(rowsToDelete, :) = [];
% Uloženie upravenej tabuľky
save('LabelData.mat', 'LabelData');

Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins el 5 de Jun. de 2023
You don't need loops to do this. Hard to verify that this does what you are asking for with no mat file.
pathsToDelete = {'E:\ADRIAN\BAKALARKA\DATASET\vsetko2\panasonic_fullhd_01-090-000-202109092000.jpg', 'E:\ADRIAN\BAKALARKA\DATASET\vsetko2\panasonic_fullhd_01-090-000-202109092200.jpg'};
idx = ismember(LabelData.imageFilename, pathsToDelete{i}));
LabelData(idx, :) = [];


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