Installed adaptors still No Image Acquisition adaptors found

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I have install the support package for matlab r2014b version. But the adaptor still not installed. The matlab told me there is no Image Acquisition adaptors found. How could I fix this?
KAE on 30 Jun 2017
When I bought the non-trial version of the Image Acquisition Toolbox, the problem disappeared.

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Answers (2)

morteza samadi
morteza samadi on 31 Dec 2016
I had same the problem, this worked for me: Go to Home tab >> Get Hardware Support Package under Add-Ons from Environment section >> choose Install from Internet and select OS Generic Video Interface from supported drivers >> Next >> I accept and Next >> wait for installation finished. There you go. type 'imaqhwinfo' in Command Window and see 'winvideo' is added

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Madhura Suresh
Madhura Suresh on 7 Jun 2017
The OS Generic works with the gstreamer system libraries on linux. MATLAB supports gstreamer 1.0 for releases R2017a and later, and gstreamer 0.10 for other releases. You can get the version of gstreamer on your system by running this on your linux terminal:
dpkg -l libgst* | grep ^i

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