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USRP X310 setup error

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MOHAMMAD NADIM el 24 de Jul. de 2023
Comentada: Neil MacEwen el 25 de Jul. de 2023
i tried to validate the radio setup of usrp x310. i used Wireless testbench support package for NI USRP Radios. what can be interpreted with this error? in what scenario, it can impact? and is there any way to rectify this.
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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen el 25 de Jul. de 2023
Hi Mohammad,
The test that has failed here is quite simple. It creates a sine wave at 1/8 of the sampling rate using a dsp.SineWave System object , then transmits it and receives it using the basebandTransceiver object. The received data is analysed using a spectrumAnalyzer object to find the tone frequency that has been received.
There are a few things that could cause this issue, mostly down to your local environment or hardware setup. Did you have antennas or a loopback cable attached to the radio? Did you use an attenuator with a loopback cable? If the received power was not sufficient, the transmit tone may have been lost in the noise, or if there was a large interferer it may have been picked up instead.
You do not need to worry too much about this, you can still continue in the setup wizard to create a radio object and use the rest of the product. I have attached a script that will let you run the same test as the setup wizard, which may help you debug.
Kind regards,

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