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Maximum recursion limit is reached when I try to open any script

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Rachel Ferry
Rachel Ferry el 10 de Abr. de 2024
Respondida: Steven Lord el 11 de Abr. de 2024
I am unable to open any Matlab scripts - if I try to open them I get a pop-up window saying "Error using open Maximum recursion limit of 500 is reached". I've tried to extend the recursion limit, but it is still reached even if I make it 1000 so I don't think that will fix the problem. My understanding of the recursion is that it will be reached if you try to call a function within a function (?), but I receive this error even if I have just started Matlab and am trying to open a script with nothing else running.
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Rik el 11 de Abr. de 2024

Did you edit any of the functions of Matlab itself?

The recursion limit will prevent crashes in a context like this:

function k=loop(n)
A=rand(500,600); %increase overhead
if n==0
  k=1; %avoid infinite recursion 

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord el 11 de Abr. de 2024
Did you create an open.m file that tries to call open? What does this command show?
which -all open
/MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/general/open.m /MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/uicomponents/uicomponents/+matlab/+ui/+container/@ContextMenu/open.m % matlab.ui.container.ContextMenu method open is a built-in method % Simulink.loadsave.SLXPackageReader method /MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/graph2d/@scribehandle/open.m % scribehandle method /MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/serial/@serial/open.m % serial method /MATLAB/toolbox/simulink/simulink/upgradeadvisor/@UpgradeAdvisor/open.p % UpgradeAdvisor method /MATLAB/toolbox/instrument/instrument/@icdevice/open.m % icdevice method /MATLAB/toolbox/shared/instrument/@instrument/open.m % instrument method /MATLAB/toolbox/sl3d/sl3d/@vrworld/open.m % vrworld method





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