how to change static text in MATLAB GUI?

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how to change static text in MATLAB GUI?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Jul 2015
First make up your string. Then set the 'String' property of the static text control to that string with the set() command. If it's in an intensive loop, you might have to use drawnow to get it to update immediately.
myString = sprintf('Hello world!\nThe value is %d', someVariable);
set(handles.text1, 'String', myString);
drawnow; % Needed only if this is in a fast loop.
Rik on 8 Feb 2020
If you want to bind the defaults to your copy of Matlab instead of the current folder, you can use setpref and getpref.

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Sid on 7 Jul 2015
A very basic example:
f = figure;
t = uicontrol(f,'Style','text',...
'String','Select a data set.',...
'Position',[30 50 130 30]);
t.String = 'hello World';
This changes the static text from 'Select a data set.' to 'hello World'
Basically, all you are doing is changing the string property in an object that is of style text .
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