I am converting a grayscale signature image to thin image but not getting the desired output

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after applying the im2bw(img,graythresh(img)) function i get the following image
but the image is not smooth enough after applying thining on the said image i get the following
so how to get rid of extra roots from the thin image and get smooth signature skeleton

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Anand el 17 de Sept. de 2015
It looks like you need to clean up the binary image a little before thinning.
This worked for me:
bw = im2bw(img,graythresh(img));
% remove some of the noisy edges in the mask.
bw_clean = imopen(bw, strel('disk',1));
% remove small foreground objects.
bw_clean = bwareaopen(bw_clean, 25);
% invert the image and thin it.
bw_thin = bwmorph(imcomplement(bw_clean), 'thin', Inf);
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