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multiple line edit is not allowed on MATLAB file editor window?

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Taekyu Shin
Taekyu Shin on 23 Oct 2015
Answered: Stefan de Groot on 23 Apr 2019
Emacs, Sublime text and Visual studio, etc. They all have multiple line edit.
If you do not know what I mean, please see this video at :
Can we do that?


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Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall on 8 Mar 2019
I would love for Matlab to support this feature. Please implement it soon.
Marco Pastore
Marco Pastore on 21 Mar 2019
It would be a killer feature if implemented in the Matlab Editor, thank you!

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Dario Mangoni
Dario Mangoni on 26 Sep 2016
I would upvote 1billion times this question. Matlab is a so powerful tool that is really becomed lame for its lacking-features Editor.
Together with multiediting, it lacks also of the "duplicate line" feature.
@dpb: Follows a textual description: "Duplicate line" feature allow to duplicate the line you are on, usually pressing Ctrl+D. e.g.
disp('I like textual descriptions')
... pressing Ctrl+D while the cursor is on that line gives
disp('I like textual descriptions')
disp('I like textual descriptions')
Please, don't ask us why this feature is "really useful".

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dpb on 27 Sep 2016
In Brief, numeric keypad '+' copies the current line to buffer and then numeric keypad 'Insert' pastes that buffer (line). Unfortunately for me, the Brief emulation in VS is incomplete and some keystrokes aren't allowed to be remapped at all so it's pretty-much useless.
My question before wasn't anything about whether whatever was/wasn't useful; simply didn't recognize the desired functionality by the description. And, it's certainly much quicker to simply read a simple description than have to go watch a video...and if it takes a video to explain it, I don't care enough and undoubtedly don't use it so don't have anything to add! :)

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Stefan de Groot
Stefan de Groot on 23 Apr 2019
Dear Mathworks,
Any update on this feature request please!
Thank you!


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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 24 Oct 2015
The MATLAB Editor does not have this, I think. Do you have an example MATLAB source file you can share with us where this kind of thing would be really useful to have?

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Dario Mangoni
Dario Mangoni on 26 Sep 2016
The fact that vast majority of text editors has this feature should be enough to support the thesis that IS a useful feature.
Sure enough, it's not something that one cannot replace with tons of Ctrl+C Ctrl+V.
The video provides all the details, but anyway:
body1ref_glob = [1;0];
body2ref_glob = [0;1];
body3ref_glob = [1;1];
body4ref_glob = [2;1];
rotLG = [1, 0; 0, -1];
can you please write for me:
body<n>ref_loc = rotLG*body<n>ref_glob;
with multi-edit:
  1. multi-select body<n>ref_ that spans over 4 rows, copy&paste
  2. write loc after that (this will be done automatically on all the 4 new rows)
  3. copy&paste rotLG
  4. multi-select body<n>ref_glob, copy&paste
  5. press ; (this will be done automatically on all the 4 new rows)

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