Level set segmentation for retina images

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fulla abdo
fulla abdo el 30 de Nov. de 2015
Respondida: Anand el 30 de Nov. de 2015
I was wondering how I could segmented an optic disc and cup using level set method.
Thank you very mach.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 30 de Nov. de 2015
This is not a MATLAB question yet, unless if you're asking if there's a built-in function to do that, in which case the answer is no. However you might be able to find a paper on it here: http://www.visionbib.com/bibliography/contentsmedical.html#Medical%20Applications,%20CAT,%20MRI,%20Ultrasound,%20Heart%20Models,%20Brain%20Models or in PubMed.
Sorry, I do not have code for you and I cannot recommend a paper for you to code up. http://matlab.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ#Can_you_program_up_the_algorithm_in_this_article_for_me_and_explain_it_to_me.3F

Anand el 30 de Nov. de 2015
Try your luck with the activecontour function. It uses a level-set based segmentation algorithm.
For a more detailed answer, please provide the image and more details about the problem you are trying to solve.


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