How to make standard semilogy plot more informative

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Suppose, I'm plotting two datasets of two different algorithms using semilogy like this
eps1 = 1:50;
eps2 = 1:50;
eps2 = eps2 *1/10;
semilogy(eps1, '-o');
semilogy(eps2, '-o');
Suppose dataset eps1 belongs to algorithm 1 and eps2 belongs to algorithm 2. How can I make annotation about them in the plot and make the plot more stylish

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 16 Nov 2016
Add a legend?
Create a text annotation?
Use some of the other tools described on the pages in the "Formatting and Annotation" section of the documentation?
If you describe in a little more detail the desired appearance of your plot we may be able to offer more specific suggestions.

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