error using radion button

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FIR on 5 Apr 2012
I have two button groups
each one has 3 radio button which contains function of noise ,
salt and pepper
next button group the values
now the problem is if i select salt and pepper ,and i have to chose the corresponging noise value
i have coded for first,please tell how to combine those two

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Apr 2012
Inside the callback for group1, get the value from the radio buttons of group2. Each radio button has a tag and a value, even though they all share a common callback routine.
value1 = get(handles.radioButton1, 'value');
value2 = get(handles.radioButton2, 'value');
value3 = get(handles.radioButton3, 'value');
% Set the noiseValue
if value1
noiseValue = 0.09; % or get the 'String' property and convert to double.
elseif value2
noiseValue = 0.02;
noiseValue = 0.05;

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