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How can I improve the speed of keyboard response in Live Editor?

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Sang Heon Oh
Sang Heon Oh el 9 de Ag. de 2017
Comentada: Scott Smith el 20 de Nov. de 2023
The keyboard response is too slow in Live Editor than M-file editing mode. How can I improve the speed of keyboard response in Live Editor?
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Mikhail el 20 de Sept. de 2019
This might help:
Scott Smith
Scott Smith el 20 de Nov. de 2023
Hey all, if you make it this far down the thread, (wow, you want answers bad) see my posted answer. I'd love to hear back if that's the issue.
I think this issue still exists (2023) and it's related to the "Java Heap Memory" setting.
Turning it up has helped me write more complex live scripts, which have made some good headway in their utility since posting in 2019.
That said, my opinion for them is they are good for small to medium scripts that you need someone interacting with them tweaking settings constantly. Like fitting
If you're crunching though lots of data, or need more extensive interactivity, regular scripts and writing custom guis and interactions are better.

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Respuestas (2)

Scott Smith
Scott Smith el 15 de Sept. de 2019
Editada: Scott Smith el 16 de Sept. de 2019
Hi, bit of a simplistic answer here but a while back I contacted support about this, when I too was seeing slow response in the Live Editor Matlab R2019a. Very annoying. However, I'm using a Surface Book 2, (i9, 256GB SSD, dedicated graphics card but forget the specifics) and the best advice I got was increasing the Java Heap Memory in HOME (Tab)> PREFERENCES (in the Enviroment section of toolbar)>MATLAB>GENERAL>JAVA HEAP MEMORY. I cranked mine up to an arbitrary 3677MB and that reduced the lag enough to be funtional. There is a bit, but it's not as horrible. the max is something like 4077MB (for me) and it has almost no lag.
Anyway I don't know the drawbacks of doing this, but it makes my life easier and I hope it helps yours too.

Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings el 15 de Sept. de 2019
Editada: Chris Jennings el 15 de Sept. de 2019
I upgraded my Surface Book 1 to a Surface Book 2 (i7, 16GB RAM, GTX1060) partly to resolve this issue. It made some difference but still not ideal. I just maxed my Java HEAP out to 4077MB and it's definitely more responsive.
So ... many thanks for your solution Scott !
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Nigel Nettheim
Nigel Nettheim el 5 de Jul. de 2023
Yes, that seems to be a good solution, thanks Scott. But why is the default java heap memory set so low, if a higher value works better (at least when editing large files)? Could this resource be better documented by Matlab, so as to be more easily reached when needed? Have any drawbacks to this procedure (using the maximum heap memory) surfaced in the meantime? Would a value higher than the default but less than the maximum be a better choice?
Scott Smith
Scott Smith el 20 de Nov. de 2023
Hi y'all
Glad this helped 2 other lost souls.

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