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I'm trying to solve christoffel symbol in Matlab. Code is not working.
this should help:

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After upgrading to 2020b [az,el] dissappeared in my plot
I upgraded to 2020b today. Tthe [az,el] values no longer appear at bottom left of my 3D plots when I use the "rotate 3D" functio...

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[MATLAB R2020a] My legend doesn't have any lines
Well, it's a work around not a very good solution because it stops using the graphics card for all opengl commands. This can r...

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Why is MATLAB Live Editor so slow on my Surface Book, but not on my desktop?
A solution for this issue can be found here.

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How can I improve the speed of keyboard response in Live Editor?
I upgraded my Surface Book 1 to a Surface Book 2 (i7, 16GB RAM, GTX1060) partly to resolve this issue. It made some difference b...

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How to set axis as -pi to pi ?
or better still use \pi to generate nice pi characters, for example: set(gca,'XTick',-2*pi:pi:2*pi) ax.XTickLabel = {'-2\pi','...

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Can anyone explain with example how to recognize the colour bands in a resistor?
this site explains: <Resistor%20Color%20Code>

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Why is MATLAB Live Editor so slow on my Surface Book, but not on my desktop?
I am experiencing frustratingly slow keystokes responses using MATLAB 2018a, but only on my Microsoft Surface Book (laptop), not...

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